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Love Song of the New Century ~ Asian Kung-Fu Generation

artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
song: Shinseiki No Love Song
genre: Rock
release date: December 2nd, 2009
language: Japanese

01世紀のラブソング (Love Song of the New Century)

download @ mediafire

thoughts: I am so excited about this song! AKFG is one of my favorite bands and I feel always might be. This song will be featured on the bands 13th single which comes out December 2nd, 2009 (my birthday! Meant to be? :D) The song starts off with a mid-tempo drum beat, deep set bass, and melancholic guitar which is carried throughout the song. What really stood out to me were the vocals at the beginning of the song, deep and sober, and almost rap-like. It reminds me a lot of Orange Range, but it still has that distinctive AKFG flavor to it. It's been on repeat since yesterday. Highly Recommended~!!!

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