riotinacan (riotinacan) wrote in bellemusic,

GOOFY - Sad Orchestra

artist: GOOFY
album: Sad Orchestra
genre: Hip Hop / Pop
release date: October 22st, 2009
language: Korean

01. 비야 (Villa)
02. 내 뺨을 때려줘 (Sad Orchestra)
03. 술 한잔 해

download @ mediafire

thoughts: I love love love this single! Every single song is amazing. Hands down, Goofy consists of the most unique blend of voices I have ever heard in a group; the almost harsh, rough voice of one of the males, the deep, melodic voice of the female, and the soft, clear, easy voice of the other male. The melody of the songs and the vocals of the singers work together perfectly to convey the emotions of each song. This is just a beautiful single, so give it a try. RECOMENDED.

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