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Love Song of the New Century ~ Asian Kung-Fu Generation

artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
song: Shinseiki No Love Song
genre: Rock
release date: December 2nd, 2009
language: Japanese

01世紀のラブソング (Love Song of the New Century)

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thoughts: I am so excited about this song! AKFG is one of my favorite bands and I feel always might be. This song will be featured on the bands 13th single which comes out December 2nd, 2009 (my birthday! Meant to be? :D) The song starts off with a mid-tempo drum beat, deep set bass, and melancholic guitar which is carried throughout the song. What really stood out to me were the vocals at the beginning of the song, deep and sober, and almost rap-like. It reminds me a lot of Orange Range, but it still has that distinctive AKFG flavor to it. It's been on repeat since yesterday. Highly Recommended~!!!
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GOOFY - Sad Orchestra

artist: GOOFY
album: Sad Orchestra
genre: Hip Hop / Pop
release date: October 22st, 2009
language: Korean

01. 비야 (Villa)
02. 내 뺨을 때려줘 (Sad Orchestra)
03. 술 한잔 해

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thoughts: I love love love this single! Every single song is amazing. Hands down, Goofy consists of the most unique blend of voices I have ever heard in a group; the almost harsh, rough voice of one of the males, the deep, melodic voice of the female, and the soft, clear, easy voice of the other male. The melody of the songs and the vocals of the singers work together perfectly to convey the emotions of each song. This is just a beautiful single, so give it a try. RECOMENDED.
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noodles - our first noodles

artist: noodles
album: our first noodles
genre: rock
release date: October 14th, 2009
language: Japanese

01 She,her
02 straw
03 Cover me Shakespeare
06 Grease
07 45
08 lite pop
09 fool song
10 I recall
11 カルチャー
12 Fuzz hill
13 Booster
14 long long chain
15 メロウメタリカ
16 Ingrid said
17 She,her(remix)
18 HUSHBELL(remix)
19 スローコースター(rerecording)
20 6 colors(rerecording)

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thoughts: noodles sounds like a fusion of Asian Kung Fu Generation, The Pillows and Cansei De Ser Sexy. our first noodles is the first thing I have ever heard of them, although they have been around for a while. They even toured in the United States back in 2007. Definately recomended.
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Romantisco / Robotisco

artist: Romantisco
album: Robotisco
genre: pop, electronica
release date: September 11th, 2009
language: Korean

01. Robotisco
02. Maybe (Feat. J-Jam)
03. 몽유병
04. Wonderland
05. Cancion De Amor
06. Robotisco (Alteze Mix)

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extra: A fantastic first mini album from Korean artists, Romantisco. This is the type of music you would hear in a cafė while sipping on your cappuccino.